Controlling wild oats with broadleaved application

Controlling wild oats with broadleaved application Image

Farmers across the country are now tackling weeds in spring barley. Wild oats may be controlled at the same time as broadleaved weeds; provided some rules are adhered to.

Axial Pro is the new product on the market for controlling wild oats and in a change to its predecessor it – in most cases – no longer needs to be applied with an adjuvant – it is now all in the one can.

Where farmers choose to apply Axial Pro with a sulphonyl urea (SU) product it should be applied at the full rate.

Do not apply with hormone herbicides

As with the previous Axial product, Axial Pro should not be mixed with hormone herbicides – such as CMPP or MCPA.

Where SU or hormone products have been to a crop Axial Pro should only be applied once 21 days have passed following the SU or hormone herbicide application.

Where Axial Pro has been applied to a crop an SU or hormone herbicide should not be applied in the following seven days.

Products like clopyralid and fluroxypyr will give good control of weeds like thistles, cleavers and chickweed (fluroxypyr can control resistant chickweed) as well as many other broadleaved weeds.

These products can be applied with Axial Pro, meaning that all weeds can be controlled at the one time.